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2 Days left!

SS21 Trespass booking deadline - September 30th

Exclusive products only available through the booking program - see below

Kids styles, Amma, Stanley, Hoppers, Julianna, Valentina, Qikpac X only available if booked and not in the ASAP Trespass program. Don't be miss out on these great styles for delivery in February...still several months of cold to happen!

With the craziness that occurred after we re-opened this year there are going to be more than your past years numbers in customers, so to avoid selling out early and losing sales let Trespass fill your mix and keep you stocked.

Trespass Canada can offer immediate stock, in many styles, to get you started and with the booking program you can add new styles and more from the booking program selection. Check out all the great products below

Trespass Catalogue

SS21 Trespass Bookings Form
Download XLSX • 805KB

I can help you with any questions that you have and make it easy.

Do not hesitate to contact me today!

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