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As much as you don't want to admit it...winter is coming!

Check out mountainFLOW plant based ski wax from Colorado

Why would you want to switch from the old and true waxes that you have been using for years?

These 'old and true' products contain FLUOROCARBONS which are also known as the 'forever chemical'. These waxes are left on the snowpack and in the spring then end up in our water streams and are harmful to the wildlife and plant life. Is that what you want? I don't think so. mountainFLOW gives you the ability to go just as fast and have a smooth glide and there are a few different options: hot wax or rub on wax and even some spray options

mountainFLOW is recognized as a leader and awarded for their quality and design

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Therefore...don't wait!

Contact us today to place your order for mountainFLOW for delivery this fall / 403-510-8205

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