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New look... same great taste, flavour and benefits

With the increase in outdoor activities, that Covid-19 brought, there will be a high demand for gear in Spring 2021, including Xact Nutrition. Book your spring stock to ensure that your store is ready to satisfy your customers!

Xact 2021
Download XLSX • 74KB

Xact Nutrition provides a long shelf life so you can be sure to have stock now that will carry through to at least next summer. Remember that the Xact Nutrition Fruit bars do not freeze and they maintain their chewiness even when it is -20c!! Great to keep it in your pocket for a boost of energy when snowshoeing, backcountry or downhill skiing...or just going for a lovely winter walk!

Contact me today if you are ready to get your shelves stocked with Xact Nutrition or if you have any questions.


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