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Winter will be here before you know it...

Provide your customers the same insulation technology that NASA uses with

SKADI gloves, based out of Calgary, have the exclusive use of SolarCore Aerogel insulation which is thin, lightweight and 275% more effective than traditional insulation

SolarCore aerogel does not require loft and will maintain its superior thermal efficiency under compression unlike the current best insulation materials (Thinsulate, Primaloft and down) which require loft to achieve their insulation value. Under conditions where these lofted insulations are compressed by body weight such as sitting or standing, the person will feel the cold penetrate the garment. SolarCore aerogel will maintain most of its thermal performance under these extreme conditions and protect against the intrusion of cold while maintaining body heat. SolarCore aerogel is unique in its performance for cold weather applications but will work just as well in extreme heat environments. The use limits range from -50°C to 148°C.

This fall SKADI has a 2.0 version of the Goat Mitt and added the Goat Mitt Black and the Goat Gove. All are insulation with the SolarCore Aerogel, are stylish and made with ethically sourced goat leather, include a wrist leash and Nikwax to extend the performance life of the leather.

Special offer

Submit your fall order before September 1st and get free product!

Minimum 20 pairs (can be mixed between the three styles) and receive one pair of Skadi Goat Mitt free

Each 10 extra pairs - another free pair of Skadi Goat mitt

Orders will be delivered in October


For more information and send your order contact

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