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XACT NUTRITION...not just for runners!

Everyone needs a nutritious boost when active; hikers, biking, golfing, boating, fishing, team sports, skiiing, snowshoeing, sledding...and yes running!

Xact Nutrition bars are made from real fruit with no added sugars which provide a tasty bite that gives the energy needed to continue. A clean and easy to carry replacement of gels and other food replacement products that either can't withstand the weather conditions of heat or cold.

After completion of a great accomplishment, when the body is needing to recover...the ProKrunch is a reward! The ProKrunch is 18g of carbs for energy metabolism and effective muscle recovery. The crunchiest, lightest bite out there for post workout, training or racing.

Our partners at Xact nutrition have put together all their sport nutrition articles in one place, making it a handy tool for sales staff to be more informed and better help customers with their sport nutrition needs.

These articles, below (click on topic), range from subjects like electrolytes, to protein and race nutrition strategies, and each one is around 5 minutes to read - perfect to learn more about all the benefits that XACT NUTRITION can provide to your customers.



Slow burning vs fast burning carbs


Race nutrition strategies


XACT NUTRITION Electro tabs are an easy way to replace those lost electrolytes to enable the person to continue while participating in their activity of choice. Easy to use...just throw into a container of water (glass, bottle, bladder etc) and enjoy! Disolves quickly and tastes great! The Electro3 tabs also include a bit of caffeine...very popluar!

XACT NUTRITION products are available for immediate delivery. A perfect product for the activity that Covid-19 has created in the outdoor community. Put a box in your store or on your e-Commerce store and watch them sell quickly.

Order form link is below. When completed send to to be quickly submitted with confirmation.

Xact 2020
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If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us today

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